Why Edinburgh?

A pre-New Town map of Edinburgh

Both myself and my sleuth are based in Edinburgh. At the end of my world tour I was in the fortunate situation that I could choose where I wanted to live. That’s right: of all the places in all the world I chose live in Edinburgh.

Edinburgh is a fascinating city, with a history that goes back millenia. The history is particularly rich from the Middle Ages onward, with Scottish kings and queens battling it out with the English, a struggle that didn’t end with the son of Mary Queen of Scots ascending to the English throne in 1603, thus uniting the two warring countries. As the Outlander series shows, the Jacobite rebellions blew that all up again. You literally cannot walk in Edinburgh for more than a few minutes without tripping on some remnant of that history, whether it is the ruins of an abbey, a historical graveyard, a square where public executions took place, or the oldest pub in town from where you could get the best views of the hangings and a nice dram of whiskey.

While the Murder Travels series take place in modern times, I have plans for a second cozy mystery series that will take place in a particularly interesting point in Edinburgh history. Living in Edinburgh makes thus sense. Whatever research I want to do, I am right in the middle of where it all happened and I have easy access to the many archives, historical buildings and museums around Edinburgh where records of those days can be found.

You can read about my explorations in Edinburgh and Scotland on my travel blog.



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