Murder Travels book one location reveal

I was on my journey around the world when a fellow passenger said out of the blue that I should write a book about this. Well, “this” was the container ship we were onboard and the book that popped into my head was a murder mystery. Isn’t that just a fantastic setting for a murder mystery? Days, if not weeks, together with a 20-odd crew and half a dozen fellow passengers, trapped in a 250 meter long ship with a murderer? Well I think so. A murder onboard a freighter will debut my Murder Travels series in drama and style.¬†And to my knowledge there has never been a murder mystery set on a container ship before.

I fell in love with container ship travel on my first trip onboard one, crossing the Atlantic from Europe to US. In total I have so far spent over two months onboard four different container ships, with the longest voyage lasting 28 days on my return from China to Europe. As the old adage goes: write what you know. And I know container ships. At least, being a passenger on one.

It’s not for everyone, but those who enjoy both time alone and the company of passengers and crew hailing from many different ports will find that there is nothing quite like it. Just weeks of sun and the waves, onboard one of the biggest ships in the world, in the company of swell lads and awesome ladies. And all the time in the world to sit on the bridge, or in the bow, watching the world go by. Disclaimer: there were zero murders in all my time onboard container ships. That’s why it’s called fiction. Seriously, the biggest problem I had was to get the crew to call me by my name, instead of “ma’am”.

As for the title, that is still work in progress. After all, I am not only thinking of a title for this book, but also for the other ten or so books that will follow in the Murder Travels series. The names should paint a cozy picture of travel, murder and each of the locations in about six words of fewer. But I do know the subtitle of each: “Laura MacMilland’s Murder Travels Mysteries Book (number)”. After all, my sleuth Laura loves to travel, but murder travels to wherever she does.

Note: all photos shown are my own.