Murder Travels book two location reveal

Well, if you have been paying attention to my twitter you know by now that I am in Venice doing a bit of research for book two. To the rest of you – surprise! Book two will be set in Venice during the carnival. Today is my last day in Venice in fact, and I have the whole day to explore as I will take a late evening train to Germany. I better go scout some locations, don’t you think?

The difficulty with Venice as a murder location, especially during the carnival, is that there are no quiet side canals for nefarious deeds. There are people everywhere, all the time. So I may have to fudge a bit to make my story fit the city. But that is what I will be doing today, trying to find a convenient murder location. I better not tell anyone that, should anyone ask. They might alert the carabinieri.

So why Venice? First, I just wanted to visit Venice again and setting a book there gave me a perfect excuse. Second, the carnival seemed an ideal setting for a murder. Not only are a lot of people wearing masks, and the huge number of people will actually help the killer disappear into a crowd if needed. And third, just look at it! Venice is gorgeous and fascinating and why wouldn’t you set a book there if you could?

Venice will make scenery descriptions a delight, at least for me and hopefully to you, dear reader. One morning when I set out for the Doge’s Palace, the city was shrouded in dense fog. I must work that into my book. The fog was so thick you couldn’t see from one side to the other side of St Mark’s Square. A fog like that… Well, it gives me ideas.

The names of the books in the Murder Travels series are still work in progress. By coincidence the first two books have a maritime angle: the first book will take place on a container ship, and this one in a city literally built on water. Well, perhaps not so much a coincidence. I do love the ocean! Talking about the series, I have also tweaked the sub titles a little. I’m now going with a singular mystery:  “Laura MacMilland’s Murder Travels Mystery Book (number)”. It just rolls off the tongue better, don’t you think?

But now, Venice calls!

All photos mine. For more, head to my Flickr! Or to my travel blog.



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