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Thank you for visiting my author page! I hope you find my adventure to become a published author as exciting as I do.  If you want to leave me encouraging notes or post your questions, you have several options.

This blog is still very much a work in progress and I will add more content in the coming months. I would love to read your comments below each blog post. You can also e-mail me directly at And you can read my tweets on my twitter page. On my author twitter I focus on writing related content, both from me and from other writers and writing related sites.

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I am also on Instagram, with a brand new account. That is a whole another thing, isn’t it? I’ve never used Instagram before so it will take me a while to make the most of it. For one, I need to start snapping photos with my phone more. And does it seem to you that there is a high chance of posting something accidentally? Just me, then. Anyway, there I am, in case you’re an Instagram fan.

If you want to read about my past and current travels and Edinburgh explorations, you find them on my travel blog. The travel blog was my constant companion during my 15+ month travel around the world* and in the first months of figuring out this whole writing malarkey. Some of the earlier posts on my author page were originally posted on my travel blog and there are a few writing posts still on the travel blog that I haven’t reposted here. My travel blog has also its own twitter page. On the travel blog twitter I tweet my newest travel blog posts and anything else travel related that catches my fancy.


*Tip: you can read my travel blog and try and guess where the future Murder Travel books will take place!